Herald: Noise pollution complaint against supermart in Colva

Noise pollution complaint against supermart in Colva

12 Nov 2018 05:03am IST
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12 Nov 2018 05:03am IST

Avinash Tavares

MARGAO: Senior citizens and other residents of Ramcons Palms Cooperative Housing Society in Colva had filed a complaint in August this year to the village panchayat, the Collector and the Colva Police against the noise created by the AC compressors of a supermarket, located on the ground floor of their building. According to the residents, the noise by the compressors is affecting their health and giving them sleepless nights.

"Every night the sound is so loud, we don't get sleep. We have filed a complaint three months back but nothing has happened. We are suffering every night but the departments are dragging their feet and treating the issue as a simple illegality", said Armando Serrao, one of the complainants. 

The police in their report had confirmed that the AC compressors are source of loud sounds and creating noise pollution for the residents of the housing society”.

The Panchayat too had observed that the AC equipment is installed in the setback area of 2 meters which is on chajja. The Panchayat had directed the owner of the supermarket to remove the AC equipment. However, the owner has challenged the order before the Deputy Director of Panchayats.

The residents claim that the AC equipment creates noise to the levels of around 60-65 decibels whereas the maximum night time noise limit for the residential area is 45 decibels.

According to Sayyad Abdul Sattar, the Manager of supermarket, the compressor unit is old and therefore makes noise. “The outside AC units make noise. I stay on the second floor so if someone else’s AC is on, I will hear the sound. It’s like the old window AC which makes noise. I don’t know why these people are complaining”, he said. He further informed that the Goa State Pollution Control Board has carried out an inspection and the matter is before the Magistrate and the Directorate of Panchayats.

South Goa Collector informed that he is aware of the matter and is waiting for the reports, after which he will take action.

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