04 Dec 2023  |   06:24am IST

Open appeal to the Chief Minister regarding unbearable Noise Pollution

Ruben Fernandes Alto Betim

I am a 72-year- old citizen of Goa residing along the Porvorim Betim road. I am diabetic and recently have gone through a very delicate operation on my left foot.

My movements are therefore restricted to the confines of my apartment and to the hospital and back. I suffer from extreme pain as a result of the trauma I am going through. I am on pain killers and at times sedatives to alleviate me of the excruciating pain. 

The problem is that some very unruly boys living in my vicinity ride 2 wheelers at very high speed by either deliberately dismantling the silencer/muffler provided by the manufacturer or by maliciously fixing an attachment to the vehicle so as to make loud and unbearable noise. They keep zooming almost the whole day and even late nights. 

I have in the recent past made many appeals to the concerned authorities to take care of this nuisance but it seems it has fallen on deaf ears.... Sir, please depute some of your law enforcing authorities to this locality and they will see for themselves the problem we are facing. 

Your kind gesture in arresting this problem will be highly appreciated.


Iddhar Udhar