Herald: Repair accident-prone Siolim-Marna road

Repair accident-prone Siolim-Marna road

10 Sep 2018 05:33am IST
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10 Sep 2018 05:33am IST

The MDR-6 road in Siolim-Marna has become an injury prone road due to hundreds of potholes along this busy road that links Mapusa to Pernem. Thank God it is not declared a killer road as yet. Looks like the PWD, led by Sudin Dhavalikar, is waiting for a death on this road to act and repair this busy road. So far there have been so many injured motorcycle riders and co-pilots have also fallen on the road after their bikes have hit the potholes. 

The victims have been referred to the PHC-Siolim for first aid or send to District Hospital Mapusa for further treatment.

With poor records of such cases as many injured people do not file their complaints to the police for any claim or sometimes doctors also ignore writing on case papers the cause of injury. It is surprising till date our highly educated engineers cannot find any solutions to quickly patch up the potholes during the monsoons while the riders and drivers are left at the mercy of the deadly potholes with many causing cuts, fractures and leaving many with back pains.

Surgeons have quick fix solutions for illnesses. My suggestion is why these technical civil engineers do not approach the Fevicol or araldite company for a quick fix for the deadly killer potholes?

Sudin Dhavalikar should get the roads insured by an insurance company and hold the contractor and Engineer accountable. 

A special plaque should be erected along the road during the launching ceremony giving the details of the contractor and the road guarantee so in case of any dilapidated condition the consumers will be able to follow up with the contractor and get him booked for bad roads. 

PWD should also set up a consumer grievance cell immediately.

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