25 Sep 2023  |   05:15am IST

Rumblers at Dandeavaddo causing frequent accidents

Nelson Lopes Chinchinim

The presumption of safety has been belied after the installation of rumblers at Dandeavaddo, in Chinchinim.

Five serious accidents and one fatal was reported at the site in a matter of months.

Two wheeler riders are forced to slowdown as a result of which speeding four wheelers have knocked them down on many occasions here. Unfortunately the ZEBRA crossing most crucial requirements has not been restored. 

At a public meeting, it was agreed that widening of the junction on the acquired land would obviate the blind spot. Numerous representations to authorities, including the MLA have fallen on deaf ears. Overspeeding and overtaking on the rumblers is not monitored as also no liability is enforced on the site for violations. The remedy is worst then the malaise. The accidents at the site which were rare are too frequent now after the installation of the rumblers. The PWD, RTO, Traffic cell etc are silent and not responding to the inquiry and directions of Collector.


Idhar Udhar