25 Sep 2023  |   05:15am IST

Stop nuisance on Matanhy Saldanha bridge

Stop nuisance on Matanhy Saldanha bridge

Saturnino Pereira Velsao

The people of Velsao Mollo suffer in silence as fish laden trucks and pickups load and unload ice openly on the Matanhy Saldanha bridge at Danddo Mollo on a daily basis. 

They block the entire road and there is hardly any space to pass or cross the bridge by cars or two wheelers or even walk on the side-ways. This is the only entry-exit point for the villagers. Many times, people have to confront the drivers to find a way out inorder to cross the road. After loading, the vehicles dump rotten fish by the roadside. 

The area stinks and is a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes and flies. The waste water then openly flows openly in the creek below. Recently the truck owners started collecting fish from nearby villages and do the icing, loading and unloading on this bridge. Dengue cases are on the rise in the locality for the last three years.

This year, there were over 25 to 30 dengue cases reported in August and September.

These activities are a health hazard and needs to be shifted from the residential area otherwise it will damage the pristine village environment. This bridge was proposed and sanctioned by visionary leader late Mathany Saldanha. He always fought against pollution and stood up for the rights of the poor.

Certainly, this was not his vision. It is everyone’s right to do any business of his choice, but not at the cost of human lives. Therefore, it is our humble request to the concerned authorities to take necessary action.


Idhar Udhar