18 Sep 2023  |   05:40am IST

Stray cattle pose danger to motorists in Cunchelim

Stray cattle pose danger to motorists in Cunchelim

Joe Fernandes Cunchelim

A few metres away from the Cunchelim junction along the Siolim-Sodiem road stray cattle have made this stretch their home or favourite resting spot. 

The bovines squat in the middle of the road by loitering around the neighbourhood in the day and by night huddle up together and refuse to move. Motorists travelling at night have a tough time negotiating at this junction as the animals refuse to move an inch.

Cattle farmers from the area have abandoned their animals as they are of no use to them as people have stopped cultivating fields in the area. Cowsheds have been converted into rooms and rented to migrants and the animals are just let loose.

The strays have no place to go and end up on the roads. It is time that the Mapusa municipality impounds these strays before any untoward incident occurs. The civic body should implement the High Court verdict in letter and spirit and send these bovines to the animal shelters.


Idhar Udhar