Herald: Streetlights or disco lights?

Streetlights or disco lights?

10 Sep 2018 05:35am IST
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10 Sep 2018 05:35am IST

To ensure safety on roads we appeal for streetlights. And the government has put street lights which were functional initially. 

But in the course of time they either stopped working or they were made dysfunctional. For varied reasons the streetlights have turned dysfunctional and the government has not bothered to rectify the problem.

For instance, take the streetlights on Dabolim airport roads. 

The irony is, the streetlights aren't working but the advertisement boards placed on these streetlight poles have got lights which are working.

The Electricity Department must do a regular check on the functioning of the streetlights. 

Doing this would ensure safety of everyone travelling by. Sometimes the roads have lights which blink throughout giving us a feeling of a disco; even that could cause harm. 

It is also for the locals of the area to see that these streetlights are not broken for one's own selfish pleasures. 

Let us think of those travellers who will pass by on the road at odd times. If all of us take responsibility of safeguarding one another we will create a better world. 

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