11 Sep 2023  |   07:01am IST

Tinted vehicles in the city on rise

Stephen Dias Dona Paula

So many vehicles coming from other states in Goa and so many accidents are taking place and the police are unable to control rise of accidents. Vehicles are speeding like anything and Panjimites are not secure on roads.

Everyday, we see vehicles with tinted glasses zooming in the city and many are unattended on roads and the Corporation of the City of Panaji (CCP) has no man power to clear them. The police are busy issuing challans to violators but roads are in deplorable condition. 

People have no money to pay the challans but police continue issuing them. Time has come to keep our vehicles in our garage and make habit of walking down to the city for our daily shopping and other activities. 

CCP needs to clear fallen trees and vehicles everywhere. I was forced to write this letter as I saw a car on my lane fallen in the gutter recently and no one bothered to remove as I found difficulty to take out my four wheeler and go shopping. 

This situation is alarming not only in my area but whole of Panjim city is in a mess. 


Idhar Udhar