04 Mar 2024  |   06:40am IST

Unbearable garbage stink

Unbearable garbage stink

Joaquim Dias Chandor

The new major district road from Chandor to Margao has become a garbage dumping ground besides a death trap for road users. 

At 'Deva Marg' on this road is full of dumped garbage which citizens throw every morning when using this road from Quepem via Chandor Margao. 

Such clean fields and forested area is getting turned into garbage ground and stinking place.  

PWD is another white elephant who is responsible for all this garbage mess on road and shoddy maintenance. PWD and government has named this major district road but where are the sign boards to stop garbage from being dumped here? 

Where are the signs for uneven surface and speed breakers? Is the PWD and local panchayat really concerned about well being of the locals? 

We hope CCTVs are installed by panchayat and PWD and strict enforcement takes place before this Deva Marg on the new road becomes stinking Sonsoddo.


Iddhar Udhar