24 Jun 2024  |   05:43am IST

Uneven road surface on Curchorem-Quepem road


The road from Dr Ambedkar Circle, Curchorem to Bansai and the stretch of road from Kakumoddi to Taki on the Curchorem-Quepem-Margao road which was dug up for laying underground cables was hurriedly tarred without following the proper process. 

With the rains, the dug-up portion has caved in. However, since the road is tarred, it is difficult to spot the caved in portions. This poses a great risk to vehicles, especially two-wheeler riders. With improper drainage along the roadside, accumulation of water is another problem faced by two-wheeler riders. Daily commuters are aware of the situation and resort to driving in the opposite lane to avoid the uneven road thereby creating a risk to oncoming traffic. 

The Curchorem and Quepem traffic cell along with the representatives of PWD should inspect the stretch and make the road safe for all users. The road users will be grateful to the authorities concerned for taking prompt action.


Idhar Udhar