04 Mar 2024  |   06:40am IST

Will the killer road at Marna Siolim ever be widened?

Will the killer road at Marna Siolim ever be widened?

Wency Pereira Siolim

The Mapusa Ganeshpuri-Marna Siolim road is higly prone to accidents. Several lives have been lost here, while many others are still recovering from the terrible mishaps that regulary happen at this dangerous spot.The road is also known as the 'killer' road because of the faulty engineering designs.

Very often heavy vehicles despite being banned on this route take short cuts to Siolim from Mapusa and end up landing in the neighbouring compound opposite often claiming innocent lives.The poor land lady keeps repairing her compound wall which is knocked down regulary.  

Unfortunatley neither the Village panchayat of Marna-Siolim nor the MLAs past and present have shown any inclination to save lives by either widening the road at blind spots or constructing a by-pass road from the pathway. All the present MLA and panchas are doing is widening main roads by mercilessly cutting age-old trees and then posing for photo ops and taking credit for unwanted projects all for the benefits of tourists. 

Very often concerned citizens had called for meeting from various departments to sort out the issue. Besides wasting public money on tea and coffee on senseless meetings and paying lip service, the authorities have done nothing to save lives and stop accidents at this dangerous spot.

Is the government waiting for major tragedies to happen to wake up from slumber?


Iddhar Udhar