14 May 2022  |   06:40am IST

Commuters fear their monsoon plight of potholed, incomplete Pernem, Mapusa service roads to continue

Team Herald

PERNEM/MAPUSA: Pathetic condition of service roads Pernem and Mapusa haunts the commuters. Most of the service roads are incomplete and the completed ones are filled with potholes. The commuters fear and if the roads are not completed before the monsoon, the stretches will be responsible for number of accidents.

The absence of service road along the highway and underpass at Dhargal junction is causing major inconvenience to the people since they have to risk their lives to cross the Highway. Vehicles at this particular junction move haphazardly, which also causes traffic congestion and risk, especially to motorists.

A long a stretch of the service road on both sides of the NH66 at Colvale are in incomplete and have obtained potholes due to which people negotiating this particular stretch are concerned about their vehicle and life as there are no proper road lights either. Highway contractor has put dry cover of concrete at different spots, which has become even more dangerous and can lead to accidents.

At several places the service roads are very narrow while at some areas there are no protection walls particularly in Peddem.

“The condition of the service roads is bad and need to be fixed before the monsoon so that motorists travel safely because mostly the two wheelers that are prone to meet with accidents during heavy rains commute through service roads,” said a commuter Sudesh Naik.

“Several stretches of the highway still lack proper road lights. There are no sign boards directing vehicular movement and in such situation if heavy rain comes then it will be difficult for people to understand the condition of road,” said another commuter.

People have blamed the construction company for mentally harassing the daily commuters and local residents leaving the roads in such pathetic condition.


Idhar Udhar