11 Aug 2023  |   07:05am IST

Concerns arise over Vedanta-JSW merger amidst outstanding mining lease payments

Mulgao P’yat, locals demand cancellation of public hearing for mining project in Bicholim
Concerns arise over Vedanta-JSW merger amidst outstanding mining lease payments

Team Herald

PORVORIM:  Fatorda MLA Vijai Sardesai raised an alarm on Thursday regarding the impending merger between mining giants Vedanta Ltd and JSW, highlighting Vedanta's acquisition of two mining blocks through e-auction within the State.

During the zero-hour session in the Legislative Assembly, Sardesai inquired about the government's course of action if JSW were to take control of Vedanta, considering the outstanding mining lease payments. He underscored that while the government had recouped a mere Rs 43 crore, Rs 173 crore still remained unpaid by the mining company.

In response, Chief Minister Pramod Sawant assured Sardesai that the State's legal team was diligently monitoring the situation and that the government would make an appropriate decision.

PORVORIM: Mulgao panchayat, the Comunidade of Mulgao, and local villagers have jointly voiced their demand for the cancellation of an impending environmental public hearing scheduled for Friday, August 11, in Bicholim. 

The residents of Mulgao have expressed strong opposition to the resumption of mining activities until their concerns, previously raised, are adequately addressed. They are also requesting a rescheduled public hearing, allowing for a comprehensive explanation of the contents of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report to the villagers.

In a separate matter, members of the Opposition have questioned the rationale behind conducting public hearings for mining projects as if they were greenfield projects. They further demanded the cancellation of the planned environmental public hearing.


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