Herald: Cong to set up CSC cell to connect with people

Cong to set up CSC cell to connect with people

18 Jan 2019 05:27am IST
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18 Jan 2019 05:27am IST

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PANJIM: Ahead of parliamentary polls, Congress party is making all efforts to reach out to the people to listen to their woes, through various means. In the latest initiative, All India Congress Committee (AICC) has decided to set up Civic and Social Outreach Congress (CSC) cell in Goa, with a focus on to get their support to garner votes for the upcoming elections. 

The civil society organizations include social action groups, development NGOs, consumer organizations, human right organizations, local trusts, foundations, etc. 

In a communication to Goa Leader of Opposition Chandrakant Kavlekar, AICC CSC Cell chairman Madhusudan Mistry has informed about his likely visit to the State to discuss with the MLAs and office bearers about setting up of the cell. 

Mistry has said Congress President Rahul Gandhi has announced the formation of CSCC as a cell of Indian National Congress. “The task of CSC is to establish and strengthen the communication between civil society organization at the State and Congress party’s leadership at State and Centre,” he said. 

He said that CSC will also sensitize congress workers towards the contribution of civil society organization. “The contribution of these local initiatives is huge. They are creating awareness so also helping in implementing government programs,” Mistry said. 

“They can also help us (Congress) in general and State elections through campaigns and in mobilizing the votes in favour of our candidates,” Congress leader stated. 
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