10 May 2022  |   07:02am IST

Crack down on those not using taxi meters: TTAG president

Welcomes Ola-Uber kind of services in Goa; Says State should have a transparent transport system
Crack down on those not using taxi meters: TTAG president


PANJIM: The Travel and Tourism Association of Goa (TTAG) has called for cracking down on taxis not using taxi meters, since this is affecting tourism in Goa. The association also said that Goa needs to welcome Ola-Uber kind of services. 

The State needs to be transparent and have better public transport services, TTAG president Nilesh Shah said on Monday, speaking to Herald TV exclusively about the Tourism Minister’s call to restrict the permits on rent-a-bikes/cars.

Asked, what is the fate of tourists who come to Goa and are at the mercy of the taxi operators, Shah said that the government needs to go strict on those who have installed the meters but aren’t making use of them. He added that the government has already given taxi operators concessions and subsidies for fitting meters. 

Speaking about the restrictions on permits, he said that there has to be control and one has to ensure that only legal business takes place. 

“Today Goa is one of the best tourist spots in the world, hence we need to have all the best facilities, especially connected and easy modes of transport,” Shah said. 

He urged that Ola-Uber like services should come to the State, as this will help in better convenience and added those who think that it’s a non-Goan business and outsiders will drive taxis in Goa are completely wrong, because all local taxis will be roped in and will get employment.

He added that Goa should have a transparent transport system, and more electric buses are lined up and will be soon seen commuting on Goan roads. 

“If more transport services are made available in Goa then it will not only help the tourists but also locals. Like today, if one goes out at night it will be very difficult and expensive to get a cab, hence Goa must have more services,” Shah said. 

Asked about the metro and other mega services, he said that first one mush solve and put the facilities in place and then think about mega projects. 

Commenting on the rent-cabs & bikes, he said that all legal and proper businesses should be allowed. 


Idhar Udhar