24 Feb 2024  |   07:21am IST

Crackdown on rental vehicles parked haphazardly in port town

Team Herald

VASCO: On Friday, Vasco RTO officials initiated a crackdown on rent-a-car operators for unlawfully occupying public parking spaces in the port town.

Assistant Director of Transport Rajesh Naik stated that a special drive had been launched to enforce parking regulations and alleviate traffic congestion in response to numerous complaints from citizens regarding haphazard parking by rent-a-car operators in public areas. This widespread illegal parking significantly contributed to the town’s parking shortage.

Naik disclosed that during the special drive, around 15 rent-a-car operators were issued challans for parking their vehicles in public parking areas. He affirmed that the drive would persist across all areas in the port town, with fines 

issued to any rent-a-car vehicles found parked in public spaces. Additionally, he cautioned that the Department of Transport would take action against permits issued to these operators if they continued to flout the rules.


Iddhar Udhar