10 Dec 2023  |   06:56am IST

Danger of accidents loom at Naibag-Poroscodem junction

Lack of signboards main cause; collapsed compound wall of the Naibag-Poroscodem junction not repaired
Danger of accidents loom at Naibag-Poroscodem junction

Team Herald

PERNEM: There is a looming danger of accidents at the Naibag-Poroscodem- Satarde bridge junction due to lack of signboards at the junction.

“The compound of the road at Poraskade-Naibag junction had collapsed around 1.5 years ago which is still not repaired. There is no signboard at the junction as one road leads to Naibag-Poroscodem, while another to Satarda bridge. This confuses the motorists. PWD must erect the signboard at the earliest and also repair the collapsed compound wall,” social worker Bhaskar Narulkar said.

Narulkar expressed the need for the signages at national highway junctions, service roads and other prominent areas. He also threatened to erect the signboards on his own if the concerned authority fails to do the same.

It may be recalled that around seven years ago, a father-son duo were killed here while standing by the roadside, which later led to the government to build a new road below Poroscodem bridge. However, the new road was not properly protected either and a trolley truck overturned around a year and a half ago. And yet, the government has not built a safety wall here, Narulkar added.


Iddhar Udhar