12 Nov 2020  |   05:55am IST

Delhi, Goa CMs spar over environment, pollution

Delhi, Goa CMs spar over environment, pollution

Team Herald

PANJIM: Chief Ministers of Goa and Delhi have entered into a war of words over environment and pollution in the two respective States. 

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal had recently taken to Twitter hailing the people of Goa for their efforts to protect their environment. He had condemned Goa government for muzzling people’s protest while referring to the protest against three major projects. Reacting to  Kejriwal’s twitter, Sawant, at a press conference on Wednesday said that Delhi CM should worry about his own area where pollution has become a major cause of concern.

“I have returned from Delhi just yesterday. I have seen how the air quality in Delhi has gone bad. He must worry about his own areas first before talking about Goa,” Sawant said referring to Kejriwal. 

Kejriwal was quick to tweet in what was a response to his counterpart's reaction stating “@DrPramodPSawant its not about Delhi’s pollution vs Goa’s pollution. Both Delhi and Goa are dear to me. We are all one country. We all have to work together to ensure there is no pollution in both Delhi and Goa.”


Idhar Udhar