02 Jul 2021  |   05:59am IST

Dengue surge as 50 suspected cases reported in 1 week

Dengue surge as 50 suspected cases reported in 1 week

Team Herald

PANJIM: Taking note of a surge in dengue cases, the core committee of the Directorate of Health Services on Thursday visited Vasco areas and took measures to control the spread.

More than 50 suspected dengue cases have been reported in Vasco, Cortalim, Chimbel and Corlim areas during the last one week. 

National Vector Borne Disease Control health officer Dr Kalpana Mahatme said the Directorate of Health Services core committee visited Vaddem, New Vaddem and Sada areas from where suspected dengue cases have been reported.

Mahatme said that during visit it was found that due to irregular water supply, residents were storing water in barrels and drums outside their homes and leaving them uncovered. These barrels and drums acted as breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

“At New Vaddem, near Sai Baba Temple we found that due to water crisis people used to store water in barrels. But now it has become a habit for them to store water in barrels and leave them uncovered, which becomes breeding ground for mosquitoes,” she said.

Mahatme said that at some places people were found taking adequate precautions which means they were aware of the measures to be taken to control mosquito breeding but some others were careless. “The people should know that malaria and dengue are caused by mosquito breeding in clean water,” she added.   

Mahatma further said that at Chimbel and at Cardozowado-Taleigao, the health team had found mosquito breeding sites in the house where occupants were affected by dengue. 

Mahatme said that in the last week, 21 suspected dengue cases were reported in Vasco, 16 in Cortalim, 11 in Chimbel and five in Corlim, near Old Goa.

“We are monitoring the situation in these areas and maintaining daily monitor chart,” she said, appealing to people to take measures to prevent breeding of mosquitoes during the monsoon.


Idhar Udhar