Herald: Did ‘hurried’ Goa-IPB meet follow procedures?

Did ‘hurried’ Goa-IPB meet follow procedures?

31 Oct 2018 06:41am IST
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31 Oct 2018 06:41am IST

As per rules, notice for the meeting has to be given one week prior and three days earlier in case of an emergency; Notice for Oct 30 meet was sent a day prior on Oct 29

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PANJIM: After activists questioned the legality of the last Goa Investment Promotion and Facilitation Board (IPB) meeting held on October 17, 2018, another IPB meet has run into rough weather.

The meeting called on October 17 was questioned by many after the members claimed that the CM had chaired it through video-conferencing. The legality of the meeting has even been challenged in the High Court.

On Tuesday Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar, who is suffering from pancreatic cancer, hurriedly called for an IPB meet and the notice of the meeting was circulated just a day ahead of the meeting.

The notice of the meeting on 29/10/2018 reads, “The continuation of 22nd meeting of the Goa Investment Promotion & Facilitation Board (Goa-IPB) which was held on October 17, 2018 in conference hall,  3rd floor, IT Hub, Altinho, shall be held on October 30, at 5.00 pm, at CM’s personal residence, UGI, Urban Retreat, Caranzalem-Goa.”

Notice was sent to all IPB members – Minister of Industries, Minister of Information and Technology, Secretary (Industries), Secretary (IT), Atrey Sawant (member), Ernest Dias (member), Girish Bharne (member), Rajkumar Kamat (member), Shekhar Sardesai (member) and Yatin Kakodkar (member).

According to the IPB rules of meeting: “The notice of the meeting and list of business – (i) Ordinarily, one week’s notice shall be given to the members of the board of the proposed meeting.

Provided that if decided by the Chairperson notice of shorter period of not less than three days may be given.”

However, Revenue Minister Rohan Khaunte said that this was a continuation meeting and no notice was required.

An IPB member, seeking anonymity, said, “Even though it was a continuation meeting, the notice had to be sent as per rules, as the agenda had to be listed and required to be studied by the members.”

Parrikar was discharged from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences in Delhi and returned to the State on October 14, and has been recuperating at his residence.

After the IPB meeting on Tuesday, Parrikar will also chair a cabinet meeting at his residence on Wednesday, an official in the chief minister's office said. Agenda of the cabinet meeting, to be held at 5 pm on Wednesday, was yet to be decided, the official said.

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