Herald: Don’t use scaffolding collapse as excuse to close traffic: Vijai

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Don’t use scaffolding collapse as excuse to close traffic: Vijai

15 Mar 2019 05:18am IST
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15 Mar 2019 05:18am IST

Team Herald

MARGAO: The Town and Country Planning Minister Vijai Sardessai has advised authorities not to close road between Verna and Cortalim, taking scaffolding collapse as an excuse. 

Commenting on the incident, Vijai said, “It is not a major mishap; but I am worried that this incident can be used by the bureaucracy during this code of conduct to actually enforce the road closure which I have been opposing.”

He said that it would be is endeavour to impress upon the contractor and authorities to be more careful next time and also not to have a knee jerk reaction to close the road.

“Exams are approaching; people going to Panjim/North for jobs as well as in the industrial sector; so many of them will face hardships if the road is closed. I think we will have to navigate very carefully on this,” he said. 

Pointing out to the work of Atal Setu Bridge over Mandovi River, he said, “This bridge too was built on a busy road stretch and road closure was never done.”

The scaffolding erected for the construction of upper span of new Zuari Bridge on Verna side collapsed on Wednesday afternoon injuring 4 persons who were at work on the site. It was a lucky escape for traffic as the entire structure fell on the excavated hillside of the work site preventing civilian casualties on the road beside.  

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