04 Apr 2024  |   07:01am IST

Dramapur woman dies after KTC bus rams her two-wheeler

Dramapur woman dies after KTC bus rams her two-wheeler

Team Herald

MARGAO:  A woman was killed when a Kadamba bus collided with her two-wheeler in Dramapur, Salcete, on Wednesday morning. Margao police identified the deceased as Pramila Chawan, a resident of Dramapur.

Following the collision, Pramila Chawan was rushed to the South Goa District Hospital, where she was pronounced dead. The bus, which struck an electricity pole after hitting Chawan, veered off the road and tipped into roadside bushes. All passengers onboard, except for two, sustained minor injuries and were rescued. Local residents, gathering in large numbers, called for the 108 ambulance. 

According to police, the KTC bus was en route from Margao to Karwar when the accident occurred near Dramapur, an area known for frequent accidents.

The Margao police conducted a panchanama at the scene and said that they would register an offence against the driver for causing the woman's death.

The two-wheeler involved in the accident was removed from the scene and transported to the Margao police station for inspection by the Regional Transport Office (RTO).

Expressing concern over reckless driving by KTC drivers, Dominic Noronha, a resident of Dramapur called on KTC authorities to provide proper training to ensure safe driving practices. 

He highlighted the lack of exit or service roads in accident-prone areas like the Digaband to Jakniband stretch, urging highway authorities to take necessary steps to prevent accidents. He asserted the need for infrastructure improvements, including the installation of rumblers and the construction of safe roads, to ensure the safety of local travelers on newly-expanded highways.


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