Herald: Driving schools fail grading test, risk closure

Driving schools fail grading test, risk closure

18 Jan 2019 05:32am IST
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18 Jan 2019 05:32am IST

4 schools ranked poor, 3 below average, 21 average; State to decide their fate in coming days



PANJIM: Quite a few motor driving schools (MDS) in the State risk closure based on the grading by the International Centre for Automotive Technology (ICAT), Gurgaon, wherein at least four such institutes have been ranked ‘poor,’ three ‘below average’ and 21 ‘average.’ Only three motor driving schools in Ponda, Mapusa and Margao have been graded ‘excellent’, 29 ‘very good’ and 48 institutes ‘good.’  

The fate of all schools flouting regulations of operations laid down by the Motor Vehicles Act, during the comprehensive inspection by ICAT experts, will be decided by the State government in the coming days. Sources said the audit report was recently forwarded to the government for a final decision and it is presently under examination. 

What’s interesting is that 37 schools could not be audited with Transport Department already warning those failing the audit to face strict action including cancellation of license. A senior officer of the Transport Department said that these institutes will not be allowed to function or train students till they are audited.

The department had drawn up a set of guidelines to evaluate the infrastructure, expertise and level of service at the motor training institutes and grade them accordingly. Those institutes that fail to meet the mandatory parameters of the MV Act will be told what is required of them and given a timeframe to bring in those changes, failing which they will be barred from training people to drive vehicles. 

With an aim to enforce the road safety concept, the State government had roped-in ICAT, Gurgaon, to undertake a study of the registered schools. The department had warned that schools failing to comply with the norms will face strict action including suspension of license or other penalty whereas those meeting the standards will be graded suitably. 

“The auditing of the schools is to ensure that drivers are properly trained in all aspects and the process of obtaining driving licenses is not just a formality,” a Transport Department official had told Herald last month. 

It is learnt that during the interim period, the non-compliant driving schools will reportedly be directed to suspend its operations till the compliances are made. 

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