26 Nov 2021  |   06:38am IST

EDMs not needed for tourism: Cong

EDMs not needed  for tourism: Cong

Team Herald  

MAPUSA: The North Goa District Congress Committee stressed the need for new tourism policies and not EDM festivals to boost quality tourism in the State.

The statement follows Tourism Minister Manohar Ajgaonkar’s remark where he had said ‘EDM festivals are needed to boost quality tourism in the State”. 

 NGDCC president Vijay Bhike said, “I would like to bring to the notice of our Tourism Minister that Goa already had international tourists in 1960. They did not litter the places, create nuisance or felt unsafe. Of late Goa is being advertised as a destination for EDM festivals, drugs and prostitution. Today, tourists coming to Goa do not feel safe anymore due to the rise in crimes”.

 “The Tourism Minister should stop making imaginary statements and do some actual work such as drafting a tourism policy and making Goa a safe destination for tourists if he is really concerned about boosting quality tourism in the State,” Bhike said. 

“We need high spending tourists to come to Goa and such festivals always help in attracting tourists. Even Prime Minister Narendra Modi has allowed international flights and has opened up visa facilities,” he added.  

“We appreciate the new Director General of Police (DGP) I D Shukla for ensuring the people of Goa that the safety of the tourists will be his highest priority and curbing narcotics activities will be another priority but we request DGP to turn these assurances into reality,” said Bhike. 

The Congress highlighted the casinos’ ill-effects on the State and how muscle power and money is used to strategically destroy the State.