10 Jun 2024  |   06:50am IST

Electricity Dept contractor still digging roads in Marna-Siolim

Electricity Dept contractor still  digging roads in Marna-Siolim


With the expiry of the deadline for stopping of digging the asphalted roads in Marna-Siolim MDR-6, the Electricity Dept contractor continues his work to lay the underground cables.

This road was hotmixed 2 years ago and the contractor has maintained the road for 5 years but another contractor wilfully destroyed the road.

Who should be responsible for this total negligence and destruction? The signboards do not have reflectors for the drivers at night to know that digging is going on, the road has now developed big potholes. Water accumulates in the puddles and it would be dangerous for motorists especially two-wheeler riders.

In case there is any accident due to this man-made death trap, then rest assured that the Siolim Civic and Consumer forum will not hesitate to file a case in the Consumer Court for compensation for the injured and to book the contractor and department  for negligence.


Iddhar Udhar