Herald: Electronically stored vehicle documents are legal
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Electronically stored vehicle documents are legal

11 Aug 2018 05:53am IST
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11 Aug 2018 05:53am IST

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PANJIM: Carrying vehicle documents when on the move is not a headache any longer, as the Traffic Police and Transport Department have decided to accept vehicle documents stored in Digilocker platform. However, this benefit is applicable to only those customers who have registered documents under the e-initiative. 

Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has issued an advisory to all States to accept driving licence, registration certificates, RC book or other documents in electronic form presented through digilocker or mParivahan platform as valid under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 and treat them at par with certificates issued by the transport authorities. 

Transport Director Nikhil Desai said there is lot of awareness about the Digilocker mode. “Based on reports that I am getting, traffic cell is accepting electronic records available on the Digilocker. These are now legally recognised documents,” he stated. 

The electronic records available on DigiLocker or mParivahan are deemed to be legally recognised at par with the original documents as per the provisions of the Information Technology Act, 2000.

Regarding cases of offence when documents are required to be impounded, the enforcement agencies can have such impounding reflected in the VAHAN/SARATHI database electronically through the eChallan system.

In 2016, Union Ministry of Electronics and IT has framed a Digilocker Authority, which launched the Digilocker platform, which is a digital repository of documents and certificates issued to a citizen which is linked to his or her Aadhar number. 

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