04 Mar 2024  |   06:41am IST

Elusive leopard finally trapped at Canacona

Team Herald

Canacona: The elusive leopard which stalked and killed two domestic dogs in Kolamb, Patnem here was finally trapped by the forest department and released at the Bondla wildlife sanctuary.

But the villagers were in for a bigger shock after two more big cats were spotted prowling around in the neighbourhood.

“A leopard had terrorised locals in Mashem area of Loliem-Polem panchayat who was later captured by the forest department two days ago. But given the increase in human interference in the forests of Goa and overall rise in the number of tourists in State, wild animals are losing out on their natural habitat,” said local named Afonso. 

“In Gaodongrim, Cotigao and Shristhal, wild animals are damaging crops since they cannot find their food in their natural habitat anymore,” said farmer Krushna Velip from Shristhal. 

“Cashew season will begin soon and people venture into the plantations in the hilly regions to collect cashew apples. Leopards, bison and boar  freely roaming these areas which is scary for farmers,” said another farmer Tolu Gaonkar. 


Idhar Udhar