01 Aug 2019  |   07:10am IST

Employment policy will focus on job reservation for Goans

Policy can consider reserving 80% jobs to Goans, 60% of which should be permanent posts

Team Herald

PORVORIM: Chief Minister Dr Pramod Sawant on Wednesday announced that an Employment Policy and Labour Policy would be drafted for the State within six months, with the focus likely on reserving certain percentage of jobs for Goans in the private sector, along with ensuring job security. 

Sawant said that in the absence of these policies – Labour and Employment – the government has not been able to make it mandatory for employers to fix a certain percentage of private sector jobs to be given to Goans. He said the policy can spell out on considering reserving 80 per cent jobs to Goans of which 60 per cent should be reserved as permanent posts. 

Responding to a question tabled by Congress MLA Aleixo Reginaldo Lourenco, Sawant said, “I too am of the strong opinion that 80 per cent jobs in private sector should be reserved for locals and keeping that a condition, we provide plots and subsides to industries. But we don’t have a regulatory authority to keep check on it. Once the policies are implemented, we would be able to make it mandatory and take necessary action against the violators.” 

He added, “Labour policy and employment policy, which are need of the hour for the State would be ready in the next six months which will help us to secure jobs for Goans in the private sector.” He assured the House that all MLAs, including from the opposition, would be consulted while drafting the policy. 

The chief minister said that in the meantime, a task force has been formed to ensure that industries adhere to the Minimum Wages Guarantee Act. “All the industries are asked to register with the State government mandatorily and give details about the workers and in which sector they are employed,” he said.

Earlier speaking, Lourenco demanded that immediate steps be taken to secure jobs of Goans employed on contract basis in the private sector. He sought to know whether the government has any data of employment generated in the private sector and Goans employed in it. 

Replying, Labour and Employment Minister Jennifer Monserrate said that details are not maintained as the same are not mandatory as per provisions of any Labour Laws. However, she said that the process has been initiated to collect the data. “All private industries have to register with the department with details of their employees,” she said. 


Idhar Udhar