05 Mar 2024  |   06:45am IST

Encroachment on pavements cause hardships for Margao residents

Angry residents demand action from authorities against migrants for blocking footpaths
Encroachment on pavements cause hardships for Margao residents

Team Herald

MARGAO: The residents of Margao are facing significant challenges due to migrants encroaching on footpaths and blocking pavements in multiple locations throughout the city.

This has prompted the residents to demand action from authorities against these individuals

According to concerned locals, migrants, predominantly comprising the labour force, are often seen in groups, obstructing pedestrian pathways on footpaths.

This situation not only inconveniences local residents but also poses safety risks. Urgent measures are being urged to address this issue and ensure the free and safe movement of pedestrians in Margao.

Rodney Dias of Margao has alleged that the commercial city is experiencing a significant influx of migrants, which, unfortunately, is leading to major issues for the local population.

“These migrants are not only causing nuisance in the locality but also congregating in groups on footpaths, hindering pedestrian movement. Their behaviour, including engaging in chat sessions on footpaths, further exacerbates the problem, making it challenging for locals to utilize these pathways”, he stated.

He further said that this situation highlights the urgent need for measures to address the issues arising from migrant presence in Margao and ensure the smooth functioning of public spaces for all residents.

Suhas Borkar, another concerned citizen of Margao, has joined the chorus of voices demanding action against the migrant population causing disruptions in the city.

Borkar emphasized the need for the police to take strict measures to address this issue. He pointed out instances where migrants were seen erecting temporary tents on footpaths, using them as shelter during the night.

“It is the duty of the police to swiftly crackdown on such behaviour and prevent further nuisance in the area,” he stated.

His statement underscores the growing frustration among locals and the urgency for authorities to intervene and restore order in Margao.


Iddhar Udhar