Herald: Explain double PF deduction, Shadow Council asks MMC

Explain double PF deduction, Shadow Council asks MMC

15 Mar 2019 05:21am IST
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15 Mar 2019 05:21am IST

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MARGAO: Shadow Council for Margao has demanded an explanation from MMC chairperson over the deduction of PF contribution from the wages of daily wage workers. 

The Shadow Council stated that they appreciate that Chairperson Dr Babita Angle found some time from her busy schedule to discuss the issues of the daily wage workers.

However, it is reminded to the chairperson that they had brought this matter of double deduction to the notice of the Council way back in May 2018, and not 15 days back as she is trying to make the people believe.

“It is the responsibility of the chairperson to first and foremost, explain as to why the Council was deducting the employer’s share of PF from their wages,” he said.

The embarrassment that the MMC has been put due to the resignation of the Sonsodo committee members on account of non-payment of fees is another typical example of the disgrace earned by this Council, he said. “What explanation or excuse can the Chairperson give in this case?” Coutinho questioned.

“Unlike the Chairperson of MMC, we are not handpicked to lead an organisation. Nor have I won elections with the influence of other leaders,” he said.

On the excuse of the chairperson that the process cannot be completed within a short period, Coutinho stated that they are confident that Chief Officer Siddhivinayak Naik shall complete the process in the shortest possible time as he was fair enough to realise the grave error on the part of MMC.
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