06 Mar 2023  |   05:08am IST

Bicholim’s Sushant Pednekar dared to follow his ‘blue-collar’ dream to build a legacy

Bicholim’s Sushant Pednekar dared to follow his ‘blue-collar’ dream to build a legacy


BICHOLIM: At a time when almost every graduate from Goa is dreaming of either a government job, or at least a white-collar profession, a youngster from Bicholim made a bold decision to pick an occupation which involves soiling his clothes and oiling engines. In an ever-evolving world, this commerce graduate decided to make a career shift from making balance sheets to balancing wheels. Though he started his journey alone in neutral gear, he is currently cruising in top gear, with almost six assistants in his employ. Sushant Pednekar is definitely a role model for those who intend to rewrite the approach to traditional professions.

Sushant completed his degree in commerce, and soon started dreaming of building his own business. Since his financial condition was not so favourable for this, he learnt how to repair two-wheelers and began his ride as a mechanic. Initially, he rented a shop and independently handled repairs as well as PR. It took him months to settle down and create a sense of trust and confidence amongst his customers. As business grew, Sushant decided to rope in two mechanics to help him out. The vehicle count at his doorstep was increasing by the day. At this time, the commerce graduate’s business instincts were awakened. He thought of starting his own spare parts shop, making it convenient for his customers, as he could offer both the mechanical services and spares in one destination.  

Sushant has not only earned a name for his services, but has generated employment for as many as six mechanics. His garage is one of the most trusted, and flourishing ones in town.