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Families of 10 tourists who died in Goa write to PM Modi

31 May 2017 06:10am IST
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31 May 2017 06:10am IST

Want panel headed by SC Judge to analyse probes into deaths of kin

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PANJIM: Ten families, including that of Scarlett Keeling, have written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and demanded a commission led by a Supreme Court judge to analyse the investigations into the suspicious deaths of 10 foreign tourists who died in Goa since 2005 under mysterious circumstances. 

“We fervently request a Commission led by a Supreme Court Judge to analyse the investigations of the deaths of Caitanya Holt, Felix Dahl, James Durkin, Kyle Arndt, Scarlett Keeling, Denyse Sweeney, Stephen Bennett, Martin Neighbour, Michael Harvey and Jonathan Burbank to ensure a proper, unbiased and comprehensive investigation to reveal the truth about their deaths,” the letter states.

In the letter to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), the families have identified themselves as kin of tourists ‘murdered’ in Goa since 2005 and accused the police of shoddy investigation.

The letter has also brought to the notice of PM the quality of investigation of the Goa Police and demanded to investigate the police in Goa over the cases handled.

“The quality of the work of the police in Goa should be investigated. Instead of investigating the murders and killings, the local police want to cover up the truth,” letter states.

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