04 Apr 2024  |   07:01am IST

Fatorpa youth goes missing on work trip to Telangana, family seeks Goa police's help

Team Herald

MARGAO: A family from Gogem-Fatorpa was left in distress upon discovering that one of their members had gone missing while at work in Telangana.

In a distressing turn of events, the family has alleged that police authorities in Telangana refused to accept their missing person report. Consequently, Domacina Fernandes, the mother of the missing individual, Savio Fernandes, lodged a complaint with the Cuncolim police station.

According to the complainant, Savio occasionally worked as a helper on a pickup truck for a business establishment in Quepem. On March 27, Savio left home for work, traveling to Telangana along with his employer in a pick-up loaded with liquor bottles/cartons from Goa.

The family received a reassuring call on March 28, stating that Savio had safely arrived in Telangana. However, on March 30, they received another call from the employer, informing them that Savio had gone missing from Karimnagar, Telangana, and could not be located despite efforts to find him.

The complaint further highlighted the family's frustration with the Telangana police, mentioning their refusal to accept the missing person report.

As per the complainant, the Cuncolim police are currently in the process of contacting the Telangana authorities regarding Savio's disappearance.


Iddhar Udhar