Herald: Fear another Vyapam scam in the making in Goa: Congress

Fear another Vyapam scam in the making in Goa: Congress

18 Jan 2019 05:27am IST
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18 Jan 2019 05:27am IST

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PANJIM: Alleging another ‘Vyapam scam’ in the making, Congress party on Thursday expressed fear of possible suicides by frustrated unemployed youths, who are irked and disturbed with the recruitment process of the BJP led government in the State. 

Addressing media persons, Congress president Girish Chodankar has feared possible cases of suicides by the frustrated unemployed youths, who fail to get selected, despite being on the merit list. 

Chodankar alleged that in the name of recruitment there is mass corruption, irregularities and illegalities been done by the government. He said that there is absolutely no transparency as the process is been manipulated to favour the candidates of the Ministers choice. 

“Candidates, who are close to Ministers or who pay to Ministers are selected while the deserving continues to be rejected,” he stated. 

“Another Vyapam scam is in the making in Goa. Just the way how youths committed suicide or were murdered, we fear a similar situation,” Chodankar said adding ‘we will not allow that to happen’. 

The Vyapam scam was an entrance examination, admission and recruitment scam that was unearthed in Madhya Pradesh in 2013. It involved politicians, senior and junior officials and businessmen systematically employing imposters to write papers manipulate exam hall seating arrangements and supply forged answer sheets by bribing officials.

Pointing to the selection of candidates for Pharmacist in Health department and Junior Engineers in Electricity, Congress has warned to file a police complaint against the irregularities and corruption in the recruitment process, if crime branch fails to take cognizance and stall the same. 

Chodankar said that crime branch should seize all the documents pertaining to these recruitments to give justice to the deserving candidates. 

“If crime branch fails, youth congress will file formal FIR,” he stated. 

Congress also said that party will form a special committee to expose all the conversions undertaken by TCP department through Section 16B. 
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