Herald: Feast fair record revenue exposes MMC’s failure to deal with plastic wasteTeam

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Feast fair record revenue exposes MMC’s failure to deal with plastic wasteTeam

31 May 2018 05:39am IST
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31 May 2018 05:39am IST

Team Herald

MARGAO: The Holy Spirit feast fair brought in record revenue collection of Rs 21 lakh for the Margao Municipal Council but at the same time it exposed the MMC’s failure to deal with plastic waste, which in turn has crippled the civic body’s pre-monsoon cleaning of drains currently underway.

MMC collected Rs 21,09,800 from the vendors who had set up stalls at the fair. Last December the total collection was Rs 20,41,760 when the furniture fair was held on the SGPDA grounds while the feast fair was held on municipal land opposite the KTC bus stand.

MMC failed to monitor the fair this time around on the use of plastic bags and that is reason heaps of plastic waste were seen all over the place after the fair was dismantled on Monday. “There was a lapse on our part and we should have been rigorous in our drive against the use of plastic carry bags,” admitted CO Johnson Fernandes.

Since Monday, around four truckloads of plastic and other waste were collected from the SGPDA grounds where the feast fair was held.

Due to the emphasis on cleaning the SGPDA ground, MMC’s work of cleaning the roadside drains has been affected as the dirt collected has been kept by the roadside thus running the risk of the dirt flowing back into the drains in case of heavy showers.

“All the trucks are involved in cleaning the SGPDA grounds and I cannot send them to collect the waste from the drains,” disclosed the chief officer.

However, he denied that the anti-plastic carry bag campaign has been abandoned and added that the random inspection of the market is being carried out. What is pertinent to note is that in April, MMC had booked 100 cases against vendors for using plastic carry bags and collected Rs 1,03,500 by way of fines. On May 2, nine cases were booked and Rs 19,000 were collected by way of fines.


MMC Chairperson for ‘black hole

 technology’ to end Sonsoddo woes

Margao Municipal Council (MMC) Chairperson Babita Prabhudessai is of the opinion that the black hole technology would be worth a try to get rid of the Sonsoddo garbage dump yard, but said the matter would be discussed at the next council meeting.

Having returned from a visit to Bangalore, where the technology is being tried as a pilot project, she said the technology appears good as there are no harmful left over nor does the plant stink of any toxic substances.

“There was no odour absolutely at Bangalore but that could be because it is dry weather there, while in Goa we are assailed with humidity, probably because of which Sonsoddo stinks,” she said, while admitting that there is a difference in garbage generated at Bangalore and in Margao.

“At Sonsoddo we get a lot of flesh in the form of meats of various animals, while in Bangalore this type of waste is not there and it is basically kitchen waste that is collected there,” she said, adding that the proponents of the technology said meat and even bones will be taken care of.

She revealed that the proponents had said that electricity could be generated from the tar-like waste and had asked them to give a complete proposal of what ancillary units will be required to be added and at what cost.

“Personally I feel that instead of being negative all the time and finding fault in things, we should try this technology on a small scale and if proved to be successful then we can increase the capacity,” she said.

Pointing out that MMC was not the only organization involved in the decision making process, she said others like Goa State Pollution Control Board, Solid Waste Management Committee and the Directorate of Municipal Administration are also involved.

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