03 Jul 2022  |   07:56am IST

For 20 years, this Morjim family is entering their home crossing a temporary bridge built by them

Sarpanchas have come and gone and another one will now be elected, but no one has fulfilled this simple basic need of giving this family access to their home
For 20 years, this Morjim family is entering their home crossing a temporary bridge built by them



MORJIM: Philip D’Cunha and his family from Mardiwada in Morjim have a house but have no access. So for 20 years, the only way they can enter and go out of their house is by crossing a rickety wooden bridge built by them. For two decades they are knocking on the doors of the local administration with a simple plea to let them go home properly. For 20 years the system has been deaf.

Family members said that earlier there was a walkway but now that walkway is also blocked which forced them to construct this wooden bridge through the fields.

They said that they made several requests to the sarpanch of the village to make a provision for the road but to date, it has not happened. Many sarpanchas have come and gone but  the wheels of local self-governance have not moved to give this family a way to their own home

"There was a walkway but that too is blocked not by outsiders but villagers themselves. We were hoping that one day we will get a road, but it has not happened,” said D’Cunha.

He lamented, “ In times of emergency, there is no access for a vehicle to reach us and only God is protecting us. We request the local MLA and panchayat to look into this matter and construct an access road after the rains. Our sarpanch is the landlord, he should take initiative.” 

The family is aghast at how long it can take for them to get a simple road. "This house is existing for more than two decades how can it be possible that there won't be any road," D’cunha asked baffled. The sarpanch (outgoing) and the BDO were not available for comments. This story will be updated once their take on this abject neglect is known.

One hopes that in the forthcoming Panchayat elections,  the people in that ward vote on the basis of  the village bodies response to people’s needs  and not with any other motive.