19 Mar 2023  |   06:26am IST

For second consecutive month, rations unavailable at Benaulim’s Fair Price Shop

Team Herald

MARGAO:  The locals of Benaulim village are upset over the unavailability of rations at the Fair Price Shop in the village and have demanded that the State government intervenes, as this is the second month where they have had to suffer without receiving their ration.

The ration card holders complained that they had asked the sole Fair Price Shop in Benaulim to mark in writing that they were not given their ration last month, so that they can also follow up on this issue, but were surprised that rations remained unavailable this month as well.

They added that there should be at least two Fair Price Shops in the village as they are often instructed to go to Margao and try and collect their rations from there.

The villagers further alleged that the Fair Price Shop is not open throughout the month either, and that the stock kept at this fair price shop gets over within days as opposed to lasting for at least three weeks. A decision was taken for all the ration card holders to jointly meet up at the Benaulim Fair Price Shop on Monday, March 20, at 4 pm and seek clarity regarding their grievances.