Herald: Friends remember Danielle on death anniversary

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Friends remember Danielle on death anniversary

14 Mar 2019 05:39am IST
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14 Mar 2019 05:39am IST

Team Herald

CANACONA: Friends of Danielle, both locals as well as foreigners, attended in large numbers a prayer service at Devabagh fields on Wednesday at 2 pm.

The gathering was arranged by her close friends to remember and pray for the soul of Danielle who was found dead exactly two years ago at the spot.

As planned, friends of Danielle gathered at the same spot where her body was found on the frightful morning of April 14 in 2017, by a local farmer while on his way to his fields.

The news of the Irish origin British passport holder allegedly raped and murdered by a friend on the eve of Holi had made headlines in international media then.

Danielle’s family and friends back home, since her alleged murder, have kept up the pressure through this type of gatherings and social media on their government establishment to help the truth come out soon.

Marrie, a close friend of McLoughlin family, camping in Goa who coordinated the prayer service speaking to Herald said that the prayer in Goa will be followed by a mass at village Cockhill Chapel where Danielle’s mortal remains were buried in county Donegal, Ireland. 

The gathering of people at Devabagh field sang songs and played musical instruments in memory of Danielle before saying goodbye to each other.

Back in Ireland, Andrea Brannigan, the mother of Danielle in her post on social media thanked all for attending in memory of her daughter. She also thanked the Irish government for the support in her hour of need and specially for proposing amendment which is going to be named as Danielle’s amendment to assist financially during death of Irish nationals overseas, she said. 

Ri Tika who was one of those who is actively following the investigation in the case in a face book comment said, “I never met Danielle in person, but she is always with me in spirit. Even though I have moved to Australia, she was in my thoughts all day today and now I find out it’s her death anniversary!” She concluded by writing, “I feel you sister.”

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