24 May 2020  |   05:22am IST

GCZMA nod to private pontoon jetty in Mandovi

Proponent claims jetty not for commercial use
GCZMA nod to private pontoon jetty in Mandovi

Team Herald

PANJIM: The Goa Coastal Zone Management Authority (GCZMA) has granted its consent for setting up private floating pontoon jetty in River Mandovi. The jetty, as claimed by the proponent, will be for private use and not commercial. 

The consent is granted even as the expert members recommended that the decision be taken only after the applicant obtains No Objection Certificate (NOC) from Captain of Ports, as the river is having a navigational channel. 

Surendra Shirodkar, a local from Vasco, had approached GCZMA seeking permission for setting up of a floating pontoon jetty in the tributary of Mandovi River at Britona (Penha de Franca). The project proponent informed that the use of floating pontoon jetty is for his own private use and not as a commercial venture.

As per the site inspection undertaken by the expert members, the proposed jetty is falling within the CRZ IV area of Mandovi River at Penha de Franca, however the land along the river bank belongs to the applicant. 

 The waterfront area wherein the applicant wants to set up the jetty is having no mangroves, but they are on either side and far away from the site. No permanent construction is proposed for the floating pontoon jetty. 

The applicant is directed to strictly not to tamper with the mangroves in any way, which are distant away from the site of the jetty. 


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