11 Jul 2024  |   05:37am IST

GGF demands action against private vehicles transporting students in hazardous manner

Wants violators booked; threatens to knock at HC door

Team Herald

MARGAO: Green Goa Foundation (GGF) demanded stringent action against the owners of private vehicles involved in transporting children to school without adhering to safety norms.

In a letter addressed to the Traffic Police, GGF Vice President Valencia Mendonca warned that they would  file a petition before the High Court if the authorities concerned failed to book the violators.  

It has been reported that recently in Navelim, a privately van was involved in an accident where three children suffered minor injuries. The incident was attributed to negligence on the part of the driver.  

“It is shocking to know that many private vehicles are transporting children to school without adhering to safety norms,” claimed Mendonca. She further pointed out that there are several instances of private vehicles transporting children without adhering to safety norms, including exceeding the seating capacity of the vehicle.   

She further stated that many drivers operating private vehicles drive in a rash and negligent manner throwing caution to the winds. “Majority of these vehicles are over 15 years old and in a dilapidated condition. Students are forced to sit in cramped spaces, including the vehicle’s boot, due to inadequate seating capacity,” said Mendonca.  

GGF further claimed that these improperly maintained vehicles are often parked in and around Margao, contributing to traffic congestion in the area.  

“In case any untoward incident occurs then the office of the traffic cell will be forced to bear the responsibility if they fail to take action,” Mendonca further added. 


Idhar Udhar