18 Oct 2020  |   05:57am IST

GKN rally: Coal pollution will destroy Goa’s tourism

GKN rally: Coal pollution  will destroy Goa’s tourism

Team Herald

PONDA: Adv Surel Tilve on Saturday expressed fears that the large scale coal pollution will destroy Goa’s tourism.

He was addressing at the rally organised by Goyant Kollso Naka at Borim in the presence of Abijeet Prabudesai. 

“Our rivers have been nationalised to facilitate big companies to transport coal upto Sanvordem from MPT and it will be transported via Madkai-Undir-Agapur-Durbhat-Borim and to Sanvordem from where it will be sent to Karnataka. Time has come to unite and fight against this evil, to preserve our land, our future. Only a few big companies will benefit at the cost of Goans,” he warned.

“Coal transportation in Ponda would lead to spillage on roads. Fly ash can travel upto five kms. Almost 135 million tonnes coal will be transported to Karnataka and besides MPT, the barge jetties in Borim, Shiroda, Durbahat and Undir will be used for coal transportation upto Sanvordem,” he added.  


Iddhar Udhar