15 May 2022  |   06:56am IST

GWMC manages to clear legacy waste from 5 sites

Team Herald

PANJIM: Almost five years after it managed to quantify the solid waste that has piled up in form of 11 garbage dump, the Goa Waste Management Corporation (GWMC) has managed to handle the uphill task of clearing the legacy waste of 1.18 lakh cubic metric tonnes out of identified 4.7 lakh cubic metric tonnes, from five locations with remediation process. 

Sonsoddo legacy waste, the State’s oldest garbage dump, estimated to be 2, 38,240 cubic metres has also seen result with 1, 01,207 cubic metres of waste being remediated till date.

As per the survey conducted by the GWMC in 2018, the State has a total of 11 dumps which has a legacy waste of 4.7 lakh cubic metric tonnes. The GWMC has taken up the work of remediation of these legacy dumps. 

The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) had directed all the State pollution authorities including Goa to complete the remediation of all the dump sites by April 7, 2021 as mandated under the Solid Waste Management (SWM) Rules 2016. However, it failed to achieve the target. 

As per the information available, the GWMC has remediated and cleared all the three legacy dumps identified in Campal Parade ground, Panjim estimated to be 8,766 cubic metric tonnes; behind SBI-Patto having 2,911 cubic metric tonnes of waste and 569 cubic metric tonnes of waste near Divja Circle. The Corporation has also managed to dispose of the refuse derived fuel (RDF) generated through remediation process. 

The work on the second biggest dump located at Assagao- Mapusa, having 1,32,646 cubic metric tonnes of waste, is currently under process. So far, 1.19.016 cubic metric tonnes of waste have been remediated. 

The dump accumulated with legacy waste of 1,01,936 cubic metric tonnes at Headland Sada, Mormugao, is also been remediated full. However, part of RDF disposal is currently in process. 

Similarly, the RDF disposal of dumpsite at Cuncolim Industrial Estate is also pending while entire 4,834 cubic metric tonnes of waste is remediated. The work to clear 3,129 cubic metric tonnes of waste at garbage treatment plant, Shristhal is under progress. 

The GWMC has completed the survey of dump site at Curca, having 7,455 cubic metric tonnes of legacy waste. The remediation of 3,165 cubic metric tonnes of waste, under jurisdiction of Bicholim Municipal Council, commenced on May 10. The State’s smallest dump capacity of 210 cubic metric tonnes of waste located at Pernem, is yet to be remediated. 


Idhar Udhar