27 Mar 2023  |   05:41am IST

Garbage, construction debris, an eyesore at Dona Paula

Garbage, construction debris,  an eyesore at Dona Paula

Residents at Dona Paula had a nightmare as stinking garbage and construction debris were dumped in a private plot in the vicinity. This plot falls in the road widening area along the Bambolim-Dona Paula highway and people keep dumping heaps of garbage here everyday. 

The garbage was then burnt and fumes choked the fresh air making life miserable to residents around. This is indeed a health hazard.

Even with doors and windows closed, the smoke still penetrates in the houses.  There are number of families in this area of Dona Paula Bay View and Ocean Park and Rosary Convent who have fallen sick due to the burning of garbage. The area is turning into a small Sonsoddo. The CCP Corporator later called the Fire Services who doused off the flames. The fire however is still burning in many areas and needs to be put off. 


Idhar Udhar