19 Mar 2023  |   06:28am IST

Gaurs destroy cashew plantation at Valpoi

Gaurs destroy cashew  plantation at Valpoi

Team Herald

VALPOI: The Gaonkar family suffered heavy losses as their cashew plantations at Khotoda, were destroyed by gaurs. The owner of the plantation Shobhavati Gaonkar demanded immediate compensation from the government for the losses incurred due to the wild animal menace.  

“I had planted cashew trees three years ago and when was about to reap the fruit of my hard labour, gaurs destroyed my plantation,” said Gaonkar

The Gaonkar family, like many other families, is dependent on income from seasonal crops. As per their claims, more than 60 trees have been destroyed by the gaurs. Shobhavati has demanded that she be immediately compensated for the crop loss.   

As per sources, wild animals have been entering the human settlements and  destroying agricultural produce. Sattari is one of the most affected taluka from the state that faces crop loss due to wild animals. The gaurs have been destroying cash crops such as banana, coconut, mango amongst others. 

The plantation area has a strong compound around, but has failed to stop the gaurs from entering the fields and locals have requested the forest department to take necessary action and protect their crops.