30 Jan 2019  |   05:53am IST

Go green and blue, development specialist advises Goa

Expert says Goa has forest cover with economic value of around Rs 4430 crore and had invested only Rs 16.6 crore in the green and blue economies

Team Herald 

PORVORIM: Internationally-renowned conservationist and development specialist Dr Balakrishna Pisupati has advised the Goa government to invest in green (environment, ecology, biodiversity) and blue (marine environment) economy, which is now considered as the most successful economy globally, with the coastal State having a forest cover with an economic value of around Rs 4430 crore. 

Pisupati said biodiversity, environment, marine life, have found a place in the economic agenda globally and Goa needs to explore that. He said that an estimated 40 percent of the global economy is based on biological products and processes. 

Pisupati, who was delivering a key note address during an awareness session organised by Goa State Biodiversity Board (GSBB) for Ministers, MLAs and media persons, said that ‘biodiversity is a billion-dollar industry which needs to be tapped efficiently’. 

“As per the economic survey, the economic value of Goa’s forest is around Rs 4430 crore; however, total investment towards it has been limited to only Rs 16.6 crore,” he said, stressing upon the need to put in place proper policies, action plan and strategies to tap the investment. 

The expert said that Goa needs to invest in the green and blue economy, which will help in improving job-related growth. He said the State is bestowed with vast biodiversity, environment and ocean, which needs to be translated into employment and revenue generation.

Pisupati, who is currently the Head of Biodiversity, Land and Governance Programme with Division of Environmental Law and Conventions based in Nairobi, expressed his displeasure towards the lack of response from MLAs to the workshop and stressed upon the need for more social investment towards conservation and preservation of the natural resources.

“It is very unfortunate to see that elected representatives have no time to spare to listen on the crucial topic of biodiversity and environment,” he lamented. 

Pisupati said that unless people’s attitude and behaviour changes towards maintaining and preserving biodiversity, any sort of investment or best policies or best political will, have no impact. “Biodiversity should be made citizen agenda,” he stated. 


Iddhar Udhar