Herald: Fake Birth Certificate scam accused moves HC

Fake Birth Certificate scam accused moves HC

04 Sep 2018 05:44am IST
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04 Sep 2018 05:44am IST

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MARGAO: The accused in the fake birth certificate scam Shekar Gaonkar, an employee of Margao Municipal Council (MMC), has approached the High Court to quash the FIR that was registered in June last year against him and several others for fraudulently recording Agostinho and Maria Fernandes as parents of Rita Fernandes alias  Renuka Tehsildar in her birth certificate. 

At a press conference on Monday, Savio Coutinho on behalf of Agostinho and Maria, informed that the elderly couple has been made a party to the case and they now have to spend money to hire a lawyer to protect themselves from the fraud committed against them.

He lambasted the police for not investigating the matter and for failing to give justice to the couple. He pointed out that the municipality has not filed an FIR in the case even though the forgery was done of municipal documents and crime was committed in the municipality. "The accused is using the fact that the municipality has not filed a complaint as a reason to quash the FIR", he stated.

He informed that another fraud has been committed against the couple in the Seraulim Panchayat where a birth certificate of a child named Kimberly Fernandes showed as Rita Fernandes, whose real name is Renuka, as her mother. The names of Agostinho and Maria were entered as Kimberly's grandparents. Renuka tried to use the birth certificate in Holy Trinity Church to obtain a Baptism Certificate. 

When Agostinho and Maria got to know of the certificate and questioned the clerk. The couple stated that the clerk apologised saying that they made a mistake.  Later, under RTI, the panchayat refused to give the information about the Birth Certificate to the couple. Savio Coutinho stated that Renuka took her application back from the Church leaving no trace of her crime.

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