Herald: IPSCDL digging roads ‘without permission’

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IPSCDL digging roads ‘without permission’

16 Mar 2019 05:26am IST
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16 Mar 2019 05:26am IST

Team Herald

PANJIM: Corporation of the City of Panaji (CCP) has alleged that the Imagine Panaji Smart City Development Limited (IPSCDL) has been carrying out the road digging works without seeking permission from the municipality.

CCP Mayor Uday Madkaikar held a meeting of all the agencies on Friday and directed them to complete the works by April 30. 

He said, “When we asked L&T what work they are doing, they said they are digging for Smart City project for which permissions have not been taken. I have directed them to seek formal permission from the CCP by Monday and they will be allowed to continue their work, else we will stop the work.”

He pointed out that in February, the North Goa Collector had banned all digging works within the CCP limits until it is streamlined. “Despite that, they continue to work without our knowledge. Our engineers are not even aware of digging,” he said.

 the roads. Monsoons will soon approach and due to their negligence the city could face hardships,” he stated.

As per the City Corporation, five works such as laying water pipeline, cable connection, etc across several road stretches are approved to four agencies. Details reveal that Public Works Department (PWD) was granted the first permission to lay the water pipeline, work of which is on the verge of completion. The Larsen & Toubro (L&T) firm is carrying out separate projects allocated by the IPSCDL and another by the Defense on laying cables for wireless connection. Tata Smart Opticals is also tasked with a similar work while Goa Natural Gas is focused on gas distribution.  

Madkaikar further informed that all the other agencies which have been digging the roads have been directed to refurbish the roads again. “We have noticed that the agencies have not refurbished the roads properly after doing their work and with the first rain showers the roads will have trenches all over the city. We don’t the whole city to be flooding and have given them a week’s time to refurbish all the roads”, he said.

He stated that all the agencies have been informed that the security deposits will be forfeited if the refurbishing of roads is not undertaken within a week’s time. 

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