Herald: Know your MLA’s performance on revamped Assembly website

Know your MLA’s performance on revamped Assembly website

07 Sep 2018 07:33am IST
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07 Sep 2018 07:33am IST

Portal to show proceedings of forthcoming Winter Session live

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PANJIM: Now, people of Goa can get to know the performance of each of their 40 MLAs on the Floor of the House, right from the day the first Assembly session was convened on January 9, 1964, through the revamped Goa Legislative Assembly website, which has digitised proceedings and legislative records of nearly five decades. 

The redeveloped website of the State Assembly www.goavidhansabha.gov.in was launched on Thursday at the hands of Minister for Information Technology Rohan Khaunte in presence of Speaker Dr Pramod Sawant. From the forthcoming Winter Session of the State Assembly, the proceedings would be shown live on the website. 

Right from the speech of the first Governor, Chief Minister and Leader of Opposition to the recent proceedings of the State Assembly have been digitised. The number of bills tabled, passed, motions moved, calling attentions, private member bills, etc all are available at just a click of a button. The website will also take us around to the performance of each MLA that will include the number of questions tabled by him or her, the bills introduced, the motions moved, etc. 

The website also comprises of details of each State Assembly committees. 

Addressing the gathering post launch, Speaker said that the Goa is probably the only State to have developed such exhaustive website. “So far only the Lok Sabha and Raj Sabha proceedings are available in so much detail. Goa will be the first State Assembly,” he said. 

He said that the website will help everyone excess all the data pertaining to the State Assembly proceedings post Liberation. “Website will also help us access the performance of every MLA. It will bring in complete transparency,” Speaker said. 

Goa Assembly had gone paperless way back in 2014, setting an example across country. It was an idea initiated by then Speaker Rajendra Arlekar. 

IT Minister Khaunte congratulated State Assembly for the website, which is developed by their own in-built team. “Ever since Government is formed, Speaker Dr Sawant has been very much proactive.  Being a young speaker, he has handled the State Assembly proceedings very well, allowing a health debate and equal opportunity to both ruling and opposition. Speaker has ensured that the democracy prevails,” he said. 

Khaunte said that with IT-enabled services coming throughout the State, where we want to make Goa digital, such initiative is highly appreciated. 
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