Herald: Recognise regional aspirations or face ire: Vijai to BJP

Recognise regional aspirations or face ire: Vijai to BJP

15 Jan 2019 06:12am IST
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15 Jan 2019 06:12am IST

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MARGAO: Town and Country Planning Minister Vijai Sardessai has advised the Bharatiya Janata Party to honour and recognize the regional aspirations and resume mining activities before the Lok Sabha elections, failing which it will have to face people’s ire.

He asserted that it was the Goa Forward Party that popularized the Opinion Poll that gave the State its identity. 

Vijai stated that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi too had said that regional aspirations have to be considered and pointed out that resumption of mining is the regional aspiration of Goans.

“The BJP will have to take cognizance of this otherwise at the elections they will face the reaction from the people for not recognizing their aspirations,” he said adding that no matter how much the alliance partners may strive it will not help.

The GFP Chief disclosed plans to unveil a bust of Dr Jack Sequeira at Merces on Opinion Poll day anniversary this year and lamented that the plans for further development of Opinion Poll square at Margao could not be taken up due to resource crunch.

The Opinion Poll square was commissioned last year with portraits of the stalwarts who fought for retaining Goa as a separate entity during the Opinion Poll. Vijai informed  that the Chief Minister’s illness has delayed the inclusion of Opinion Poll in the school curriculum.

Meanwhile, the TCP Minister commissioned the work of laying three water supply pipelines from Arlem junction to the Nehru stadium. 

He informed that the road will have dedicated ducts for various services hence there will be no more road digging to lay any cables or pipes along the road and further pointed out that water supply pipe lines will be laid on both sides of the road to a length of around 1.5 kms.

While the laying of the pipeline on one side is tendered for Rs 66.56 lakhs on the other side it is tendered for Rs 47.14 lakhs as the diameter of the pipeline is lesser. Besides, another pipeline will be laid from the Arlem junction to Bollepand covering a distance of 2.5 kms at the cost of Rs 67.82 lakhs.

While agreeing to the need to have such dedicated ducts in the coastal belt he said all roads should ideally have water supply pipe line on both sides to avoid cutting the road.

Vijai also disclosed that a water balancing reservoir would be constructed at Dongorwada opposite the Fatorda stadium to meet the increasing water demands of Fatorda constituency which is expected to increase with other developments in the Constituency.

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