Herald: Sanguem locals happy over shifting of Wednesday market to an open area

Sanguem locals happy over shifting of Wednesday market to an open area

10 Aug 2018 05:05am IST
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10 Aug 2018 05:05am IST
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Vendors used to occupy roadside space on the internal roads to sell their wares causing traffic chaos

Team Herald

SANGUEM: Sanguem residents have welcomed the decision of Sanguem Municipal Council to shift the Wednesday market to the open area behind the present administrative building of the Council.

Though the move was long awaited considering the chaos the weekly market was leading to in the town area on every Wednesday, the SMC, led by Chairperson Romualdo Fernandes, swung into action on Wednesday by offering the street vendors a designated safe place to undertake their business behind the council administrative building without any disturbance.

The shifting of the street vendors to the new place has eased the traffic problem in the town area on Wednesdays.

It is pertinent to note here that since the re-opening of the weekly market in Sanguem some two years back, the street vendors would sit by the side of the main internal roads leading to the Sanguem Market and the Cotto and Boilapar ward of the Council leading to traffic chaos.

Moreover, as there was no stoppage of traffic moving along the internal roads on the market day, there were chances of the visitors to the market meeting with accidents.

However, the shifting of all the street vendors to the open area will provide a huge relief not only to the vendors but also to the people making their purchases as they can now take time to choose their products in peace, said a source

Earlier, due to the chaos created on the internal lanes, people had to make the purchases in a hurry as there was hardly any place for customers to move after the narrow internal roads were occupied by the street vendors.

Meanwhile, in another move, the SMC, on Thursday, started filling the roads in the town area which were dug up for laying underground electricity cables.

Since early morning, the municipal workers were seen filling the trenches with rubble and covering the same with cement layers.

The trenches were left open since the beginning of May and the authorities had failed to get the same repaired despite frequent requests from the citizens to repair the roads after the completion of the underground cable laying work.

Chairperson Fernandes informed Herald that the work of lighting up of the municipal garden and its renovation will also be undertaken soon.

The citizens have urged the SMC to undertake the work in the right prospective so as to avoid the reoccurrence of the potholes all over again.

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